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Thank you 2022 Gala Corporate Sponsors and In-Kind Donors!




Stacey and Dean Allara
Inger and Norbert Bischofberger
LiveRamp (Elizabeth and Warren Jenson)
Newfront (Kurt and Julie de Grosz)
Brad and Lynn Tuthill/Goldman Sachs


Jennifer and Michael Buckley
Audrey Lampert


Anderson Yazdi Hwang Minton + Horn LLP
Phyllis and Scott Bedford
Joanne and Jon Goldstein
Shailly and Tim Guleri
Melanie and Kurt Hoefer
Angela and Joerg Rohde
SummerHill Housing Group


Arbor Capital Management
Susan Bullis
Donna and Eric Colson
Andy and Lisa Kearns
Kristen Sandifer and Charlie Bullock
Judy Swanson


Martha and Michael Adler
Marianne and Jim Arbeed
Bayside Realty Partners(Diane and Trask Leonard)
Jim and Julie Borden
Elaine and Harry Breeze
Gordon and Emilie Brooks
Shawn Christianson and Philip McLeod
Tina and Paul Crisci
Meghan Crowell and Jason Trimborn
Ginger and Rob DeContreras
Molly and Chris Dillon

Jill and John Flynn
Lorin Flynn and Jack Marsal
Brian and Linda Grasberger
Gray Family
Debbie and Michael Harrison
Heritage Bank of Commerce
Robert and Carla Hoblit
Khristine and Gordon Holterman
Diane Kounalakis and Jeff Baxter
Barbara Krebs
Adrienne Leigh and Dr. Jeff Schubiner
Gunther and Okson Lenz
Wendy Liau and Steve Wei
Vanessa and Steve Lo
Nicole and Dale Lum
Ron and Natalie Lynch
Peter and Nicole Magaddino
Meg and Stu McLaughlin
John and Arlette Monfredini Foundation
Martha Phillips and Al Taira
Phoebe Pluchar, Le Travel Cafe
Premier Plastic Surgery (Dr. James and Cynthia Newman)
Jill and Tom Pulley
Mark and Leslie Ragsdale
Gwendy and Anthony Scampavia
Nancy Scheinholtz
Courtney and Mike Selfridge
Nancy Spencer and Hardy Callcott
The Studio Shop Gallery (Janet and Carl Martin)
Lizi and Eddy Tabet
Robert Tsao and Maria Collazos Tsao
Megan and Joe Winters
Ruth J. Wisnom
Ron and Maybelene Young



Dean and Stacey Allara
Patty Anixter
Artisan Wine and Spirits
Duncan and Cathy Beardsley
Sandra McLellan Behling
Tom and Terri Boesch
Gordon and Emilie Brooks
Marilee Brooks
Agapi and Bruce Burkard
Caffe Central
Farm & Vine American Bistro
Lorin Flynn and Jack Marsal
Gene and Maria Frantz
Janelle and Michael Grimes
Kerns Fine Jewelry
Barbara Krebs
Mindego Ridge
Denis and Whitney Murphy
Mykonos MezeHouse
Park and Howard Bistro
Stephen and Hope Pilch
Pizzeria Delfina
Phoebe Pluchar, Le Travel Cafe
Premier Plastic Surgery(Dr. James and Cynthia Newman)
Jill and Tom Pulley
Mark and Leslie Ragsdale
Todd and Susan Ringoen
Angela and Joerg Rohde
Sam Malouf Authentic Luxury
Anthony and Gwendy Scampavia
Mark Schedider
Schumacher Photography

Naomi and Jeff Silk and Family
The Studio Shop Gallery(Janet and Carl Martin)
Tamer Mickel Salon
Thomas Fogarty Winery
Williamson Winery
Ron and Maybelene Young